10 photos that reveal what’s hidden inside everyday objects

We, humans, are innately curious creatures. Surely, we can’t be the only ones who broke our toys, cars, dolls apart to see what’s inside, and figure out what they’re made of! Unfortunately, as it turns out, putting them back together is not as easy as tearing them apart, so most of these toys ended up in the bin after our experiments. Except if you didn’t mind playing with headless dolls and wheelless cars.
We wanted to know how different electronic gadgets looked like on the inside, and what made other objects – like a bowling ball- so damn heavy.
In today’s post, we’d like to satisfy everyone’s curiosity a little bit, so we’ve gathered some things to see what’s been hiding on the inside.

1, My dog had this cactus plush with a cute, jolly face that he chewed. The manufacturers probably expected that this toy won’t have a long life, since they’ve also sewed in a sad-looking face on the inside. How thoughtful of them:

2, I didn’t do anything but cut a piece of bacon in half. I wouldn’t have thought it looked like this

3, My daughter’s slap bracelet is actually a ruler

4, No, it’s not a pen, it’s an electric toothbrush with the outer parts removed.

5, This is how the inside of an Airpod case looks like. A bit more complex than you’d think.

6, You’ve probably wondered how a cherry looks like on the inside. Well here it is:

7, Who would  have guessed that inside of a sponge there is another sponge!?

8, There are Welo Opals in these so-called ammonites. Yes, those rainbow-colored stones.

9, They’ve found a golf ball inside a tree trunk that’s been cut in half.

10, I took the front of my car charger off, and I noticed there are two USB ports instead of one.