13 things that are only visible under ultraviolet light

The human eye can distinguish thousands of different colors and shades, but there are still, many things that we just cannot see. However, with the help of UV light, some of these things can become visible to us as well. People born with something called Aphakia, which is the absence of the lens of the eye that normally blocks ultraviolet light, can see them. For the rest of us, UV light itself is invisible, however many things can appear different under this light that we’d find interesting.

1, Ceramic teeth don’t emit fluorescence under ultra-violet rays.

2, Brown spots that appear on ripe bananas under UV light.

3, UV light, macro lens, and the eye of a butterfly. Impressive.

4, Color changers, like chameleons, can glow in the dark under ultraviolet light.

5, The case of the pepper and the UV light. Have you ever seen a pink pepper?

6, A macro photo of a scorpion under UV lights.

7, The Canadian passport looks marvelous under UV lighting

8, Under UV lights an eagle becomes visible on Visa cards.

9, The feathers of certain birds like owls and puffins also glow under ultraviolet light.

10, Corals and Zoanthus under UV light.

11, This is a uranium glass from 1911. The glass turns green under the UV lamp.

Salt looks like space under UV light.

13, Tonic contains quinine, an alkaloid found in a chinchona tree’s bark, which makes it glow under ultraviolet light as well..