A 24-year-old bus driver, who is constantly being told that she is too pretty for her job

For many years people gendered certain jobs, most of them rooted in stereotypes. Luckily,  more men and women are now pursuing careers that are historically dominated by the opposite sex and breaking down these occupational stereotypes. However, most of us still get somewhat surprised when we see a male nail technician, or a lady truck driver. You’ve probably heard of Angelia Larsson, a girl who looks like she spends her days working as a model, but that couldn’t be any further from the truth.

Today we are looking at another beautiful girl, who’s also pursuing a career that’d normally be considered a „men’s job”. Jodie Leigh Fox is a 24-year-old bus driver based in Essex, England. She is a former caregiver, who then later decided to change and become a bus driver when she was 21, after always having an interest in the profession. She saw an advertisement on the back of a bus and applied for the position.  She loves her job, and hopes to continue driving buses for the rest of her life.

However, she constantly has to put up with comments made by the passengers, mainly men, about her looks, telling her she is too pretty for her job.

She said, „When men get on the bus, I always get the same reaction which tends to be ’you’re so pretty’ or ’I’ve never seen such a beautiful bus driver in my life’ People have said that I’m too pretty to be a bus driver but I get some nice comments from other females complimenting my nails or my hair and makeup.”

Jodie said that her appearance made it quite difficult for her to socialize and make friends with the other bus drivers. Especially since there are no females around the same age as hers working there.

Despite all this, Jodie hopes to continue her job until she retires, and vowed to fight the stereotypical image of a bus driver.

Becoming a bus driver is not as easy as you’d think: Jodie said she had to an English and math test and about five different modules before eventually doing her theory.

She would have never thought she’d go as viral as she has. Despite having a huge following on social media, she says she doesn’t want to quit her job. She’s very proud of what she’s doing and inspires everyone to do what makes them happy.